Local Holidays

I read in the newspapers that the Menteri Besar of Terengganu “would no longer approve the construction of chalet-type accommodation on the renowned island, which is much visited by the diving community”.

I have been travelling all over Malaysia ever since I was small and even just last few weeks managed to squeeze a short trip to Singapore with George. Singapore has always managed to fascinate me with its cleanliness. I can take a peek in between the flower beds and not see even a cigarette butt which is welcomed relief, unlike here. (I have this nasty, nasty association/mind thingy about cigarette butts and anything else which is cigarette associated) Towards the end of this month we have planned to have another few days up North as a family by flying with the local budget airlines. Travelling costs for local travels is cheap  and reasonable but sometimes when I cant help but to make comparison between travelling local or having your passport stamped by some Asian Immigration counters. Looking at things in bigger perspective, I would prefer to travel outbound. At least I get my passport stamped.

Now coming back to this Redang high-end accommodation proposal. It stated that each room will be sold no less than USD$500 per nite (about RM1,600 per nite). Looks like 90% of Malaysians can’t/wont go for a holiday in their own country, especially to Redang Island. What a pity!

I believe that this proposal came about when the MB saw the need to address the failing eco marine system in the area but must it be that the local Malaysians be punished when the law is not tighten up to curb this destructions? I was in Pangkor a few months back to enjoy a few days of short weekend. The local chalet operators are making a steady income from the local tourists which I must feel is what it should be. But, the areas where they frequent were littered with garbage. I didn’t even have the guts to look down in between the planks that connect the main road to the beach, in fear that I might see something dead and nasty down there.

I feel that with education and some vigilante enforcement officers doing their rounding bid may be able to address all these garbage issues. There should be some form of guidelines on sewerage and garbage system put in place and a regular enforcement so that people will always be reminded what not to do.

Another weekend trip to Morib, the so called “newly developed Gold Coast of Malaysia” was a disaster. The water was dirty and there was no sufficient garbage bins in the area. There were clogged drains that lined up the beach too. Public toilet was no where in site. There were like ten gadzillions people and I was feeling sick.

Bukit Malawati was supposed to be beautiful, with all the old, majestic trees lining up the hills overseeing the old fort facing the faraway ocean. Again, there was no sufficient bins to throw rubbish. There was a pond next to the butterfly that I found to be clogged with green algae. The steps that led to the upper side of the hills were littered with water bottles and other kinds of garbage. It was pretty disgusting.

My question are: Is our people ready for this? Isnt there should be more education given to the public? Is our municipal ready for this? Is our resort operator ready for this?


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