The Greatest Birthday

Has it been a year ago since I blogged about my BIG FOUR OH OH?? Oh uh!

Wow! Time flies!

Each and every day, I feel so blessed to have the two people that I love most in my life with me. They have been the pillar of my strength, my sunshine on rainy days, the cure to all poisons.

To my Teenager,

My part time beautician (who opens and closes her “outlet” as and when she pleases), my friend and intan payung.

Thank you for the wonderful scrap book you gave me. I was so proud to show it off to my friends. A few cried with envy. Many complimented on how lucky I am to have you as my daughter. The scrap book reflected on who I am in your eyes. I told them how you conspirated with George on the surprise celebration last night. That was a pleasant surprise, although I suspect none of the pictures can be posted in the FB due to its censorship rating…Thank you to the rest of my anak-anak angkat for making it happen.

The brownies are gone by now, by the way. My colleagues sent their thank yous.

To my husband,

My love, lover, partner, friend, soul mate and coffee maker.

Thank you for being with me, my Love. For being a wonderful person that you are. I love the bouquets and I KNOW I will love the dinner you have arranged for us tonight. The bouquet was so heavy that the delivery guy had difficulty in carrying it to my office. My office became the center point for today. Everyone stops by to admire the flowers and the scrap book. Someone counted on the number of roses, even guessed on the costs.

But I know it was not about the cost. The amount of time and love put on putting together the scrap book and the time took to consider what kind of bouquet I would love, now, thats what counts. And I would love it even if it were a piece of paper or a stalk of flowers.

All that I need is here and thank you for making me feel loved, because I know I am.


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