Mother’s Day 2010 And Everything In Between

Mother’s Day came and went quietly this year but not without having something really nice happening at home. The Teenager came up with a lovely shout-out on her FB profile. I was so touched and ended up crying. My husband, the ever caring man that he is insisted I go out and have that long pending mani/pedi.

It has been a long life journey thus far. But worth the experience. All the things that I have never gotten before, I cherish them now that I have them. It makes me appreciate the kind of love that I didnt get before, or the care and attention that I felt only happen in other people’s stories.

It is so liberating knowing that the life cycle has come to a great loop and now I just need to move forward from here. The Teenager has become a smart, spirited, pretty young woman whom I can identify with someone that I knew a long time ago…..(and that was me). George who came to my life when I thought I was content with how I ran my life. Being married to this man is one of the greatest things that I have ever done.

Move forward, move forward, Hanie

My heart says

Dont look back too long

Look back but just long enough

To glance and reflect

On the things you dont have

And appreciate the things

You have today.


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