Anywhere But Here

That was the afternoon movie that The Teenager watched the other day. After watching, I think she found the movie so moving that she posted it on her FB profile, saying something about the movie that reminded her and myself. I hardly watch the afternoon movie on Astro unless I am on leave. Besides, sob stories or stuff that doesnt involve sci-fi, thriller or action are not really my cup of tea. I have never heard of this movie before.

Anywhere But Here by Fox Movies were starred by Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman. It tells of a story about mother and daughter who moved to Beverly Hills where they live to chase their dreams.

I guess the story line has striked a chord in her (and maybe mine if I were ever to watch it). For a few good while I was raising a teenager on my own after my divorce. Our lives changed dramatically. At 16 she was at the age where she would feel as if the world was against her. And I was fighting my own demon while trying to keep everything together so that the ship will not sink. It was not an easy journey.

As I lay down in my bed at night, exausted from the whole day working, I sobbed quietly lamenting on what would be next happening in my life. I was sad, angry, confused and lonely. Just months before I shifted to a new place. She didnt like the place. Her room was too small, too far from her friends, in a location where she didnt like, too many staircases to climb. I couldnt afford a bigger or closer place to the city as where we were residing before. And I just started joining the blue collar again after an absence of a good 12 years.

From that day, we both were forced to learn about how to live with each other better and relying on each other. She learnt how to cook, clean, take the public transport, manage her own small allowance, chase away the monkeys who came to the apartment (we lived near the forest). I learnt how to work under a boss again, managed a small salary, making decisions on bills and whatever else that came in between.

But in between the laughter and cries, we did some soul searching trips together. She didnt like the jungle that much. Too much mosquitos and bugs, she said. Ok, to the beach then off we go. We love the beach so much. We drove in the middle of the night just to watch the pretty lights in the city too. After payday, we would go for some fancy makan-makan knowing very well it will take another few weeks till the next payday before we could afford to do that again.

The Teenager will start working at a pet store next week and she is terribly excited about it. I know she would be happy there for a bit. She is a bit squirmish of the thought about handling the reptiles but the thought of working with cats and dogs make her excited.

We both have come a long way. I am just thinking what sort of a birthday that would be appropriate for a wonderful teenager who would be 19 this year?


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