Mom, Can You Talk To My Manager?

George and I were at the Dr Hasnul’s clinic on Saturday to send Zeus and Spot. Zues needed to be looked at by the vet as he was having this runny nose for the past week or so and Spot needed her vaccine. By the time we were done, it was lunch time and I wanted to “tapau” (take-away) some nasi lemak for The Teenager.

I stepped into the well known nasi lemak restaurant and ordered my take-away. While waiting, I sat at one of the booth sipping my tea slowly. Couldnt help but to notice the loud conversation at one of the tables towards the back of the restaurant. There was this senior looking restaurant staff, probably the manager or supervisor. She sat there, nodding her head slowly as this late-age lady explaining something to her. Next to them sat two teenagers, one boy and the other a girl; and they seemed to be engrossed in texting some friends. The teenager were wearing an all black ensemble and the girl had nose pierced with 2 rings dangled from the loop. Eyebrow pierced and looking disinterested with the adult conversation.

Then, I overhead the real conversation. Couldnt help myself but having to listen to them as they were just a table away, and the topic of discussion make me think, “This will go into my blog….”

Apparently, the girl teenager was working at the very same restaurant but she was dismissed after not turning up for work three times with no reasonable excuse. The elderly lady was there to plead for her daughter’s job from the restaurant manager. She was clearly upset and tried her best to convince how the teenager is generally good but sometimes having problems waking up in the morning when she is over at her father’s house. Ok, I thought. Her father’s house? My house? Divorced parents? Hmm…

The mother went on to plead her case by explaining that the daughter didnt know there are such work rules too. All the while this negotiation takes place, this girl was there, busy texting, looking bored and allowing her mother to do all the work.

On the way home, I told George of what I just saw and heard. I remember there was a time in my life where I had to do some serious negotiation with The Teenager’s school Principal about her attendance and absenteesm. I will get her to sit in all these negotiations and even sign a pledge to demonstrate her agreement. Yes, I was negotiating for my daughter as she was in no position to do so and me being the parent would be able to do something about it.

In the case of the teenager and her mom in the restaurant, it was a classic example how some parents refuse to learn the boundaries of when to stop bailing out their kids.

Maybe the restaurant should hire the mother instead of her daughter?


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