Living Dangerously

I met an old friend recently whose organization will go through a rationalization process in a few months time. He is of the same age as I am and has had a long working experience throughout his life.


Right sizing.

Down sizing.


Different words, same meaning.

They also give the same effect to everyone who is affected by the process. My friend wondered for how long more will he be able to cling to his job? At this age, college fees are spoken in the same breath as in second morgage, car loans, higher insurance premium and savings for old age.

Take away one key component from this imaginary security called “monthly cheque security”, you are in deep shit. Infact it will be deeper if you are just barely recovering from the post divorce trauma and re building your life. The shit gets deep pile high too if your spouse is a Home Director.

So, back to my old friend. He is calm about all these but I also know that he is doing something about himself during these uncertain times, which is good as he still gets to see his paycheque for next few months.


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