Weekend Excitement, Not.

The Saturday morning looked gloomy as it was raining the night before. It felt so good to be able to laze in bed and not having to get up so early and to beat the traffic jam to Raja Chulan as how the days have been. Cleaned the kitchen counter top, fed the furbabes, and was arranging the bread and tea for that simple brunch George and I were supposed to have.

But, the tightness in the chest was too painful to be ignored. Blackness started to envelope my eyesight and I felt as if there was not enough air that I could inhale. “Must be the hunger”, I thought as I proceeded to take a small bite of a bread.

The chestpain refused to go away. And so did the short of breath. Heart attack? Stroke? The only mental image I had was George and The Teenager crying over a dead body. I also realized that if I got wheeled in the emergency room, they nurses and doctors would know I havent visited my hair saloon, manicurist and wax saloon for a few weeks. Ewwwww…..! Funny how these stuff managed to crept up even when you are in pain.

Somehow I managed to carry the two mugs of tea to the living room where George was sitting. He must have sensed something was wrong and quickly insisted for that short drive to the hospital.

So, there I was. In the emergency room with ECG cables wired to my chest and nurses scurrying around with all sorts of gadgets and needles. I hate needles. Never like the smell of hospitals and certainly didnt like the fact that I may be rendered useless for the next few days if and when I were admitted to the hospital.

BP reading was sky high. George was busy sorting out the administrative issues. My poor husband who had to wade through some hopsital and insurance bureucracies that he was not familiar with.

By late afternoon, my room was sorted and I was wheeled in. Had to list out a few essentials for George to bring from home and reminded him that the weekend maid would be coming in on Sunday morning. The Teenager needed to be told. I knew he wasnt so keen to interact with the maid as there was usually a language barrier.


In Quest For A Paint Roller

A paint roller.

That was how it all started. We were supposed to go out to buy this paint roller so that we can complete our weekend project. 

The weekend project hasnt really taken off as we had anticipated. The can of paints have been sitting prettily in the storage room for ohhh…3 months now? We have been telling each other that we will do this on the weekend.

Weekend comes and weekend goes. There was always something that came up in between – that crazy trip to east coast, weddings and the excuses just go on.

Finally, I thought, as we reversed the car from the porch on that hot, noonish Saturday. We are going to paint our bedroom!

The car rolled gently backwards, and then George said, “Dear, how about having that white coffee in Ipoh?” Brain clicked. Needed to fill in the tank, get some cash to pay for toll and to pay for that white coffee in Ipoh. 30 minutes later, we were on our way to North. We decided to take the trunk road as there will be plenty of things to see. I figured the kampung sceneries would be a great way to experience the journey to Ipoh.

4 pm and we stopped at a petrol station to top up the tank. Ipoh is just less than an hour drive, and so does Lumut. Sunset by the sea sounds so much better than in the city of Ipoh. So there we were, full tank again, heading towards Bidor onwards to Lumut.

Lumut aka the sleepy town. People tend to skip Lumut to cross to Pangkor island. There was nothing really exciting about Lumut except for the quaint feel of an old town. We figured with a few hours more of daylight will buy us some time to get across to Pangkor Island too, what with the last ferry is at 8.00 pm. We decided that was how we will see the sunset for the day. Bought 2 return ferry tickets, secured a simple beach fronting room at Pasir Bogak and there we were on the ferry with the wind against our hair and admiring the view as the sun began to set across the yonder.

Words couldnt describe how I happy I felt at that time. Dusk has always been a favourite part of the day for me. It is like as if the world is preparing to rest for the night and will wake up the next day in bright, sunshiny day when the dawn comes.

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We put up at this simple beach fronting resort. A few meters away was the water. As we walked along the quiet beach after dinner, I saw the swinging rope hanged from this big tree. It reminded me of a time in another life a long time ago when I took The Teenager to play on the same beach. We spent the whole day on the beach playing with the sand and enjoying the sun.

The next day we took the ferry which left around noon and started to drive towards Ipoh. This time around we really did stopped at Ipoh and had a quick lunch at this Nasi Padang restaurant. George wanted to look for that “original” Ipoh coffee but unfortunately we just didnt know where to find it. Reluctantly we had to settle for Ipoh White Coffee which George claimed tasted better that those who ever tasted back in KL.

The drive was interesting, back and forth. The conversation throughout the journey was equally interesting. We finally got our paint roller when reaching One Utama. However, I still dont know when the bedroom walls will ever be painted. But then with so much interesting things to do over the weekend, painting our room may have to wait for a while.