Our First Wedding Anniversary


George and I had a wonderful time at Bossa Nova celebrating our first wedding anniversary last 23rd July 2010. Yeah, yeah I know….it took me a while to put up the post. Been kinda busy with work and spending quality time with the family.  Time flies so fast. I remember a year ago, we were running between the religious department, the embassy, the immigration department, my wali’s home. On top of all these running, there was the wedding dress that needs to be picked up and all the “hantaran” items that have yet to be fashioned and resembling any sort of wedding gifts. I have never driven so much to so many places in KL as much as I was preparing for the wedding to George. And poor George, trying to cope as much with the local bureaucracy.

But that was a year ago. George has been talking about trying out food at a churrascaria. He loves his dead land animal, I know. And I know nothing will please him better than a nice meal in a place where all the meat just keeps on coming to your table.

The staff at Bossa Nova was wonderful and attentive. When we arrived about 8 pm, we saw our table was nicely decorated with a candelabra and rose petals scattered prettily on the table cloth. The jazz band was playing romantic songs and ever so often dedicating some songs to us. Two gorgeous looking half baked lobster were served as part of the main course. By the time we were halfway with our main course, we were served some champagne on the house.

George was commenting on  the lack of his favourite dessert – chocolate – on the buffet dessert menu. And so, we ordered a slice of this sinfully delicious chocolate cake complete with pretty raspberries on top.

One thing we realized was that our lack of preparation with the camera and hence the poor quality from the phone camera.


2 Replies to “Our First Wedding Anniversary”

  1. It has been 1 year already! Time flies! Really happy to see such a lovely couple. Bless… bliss.. 🙂

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