Getting Married Is Not The Solution To Baby Dumping

There are just too many baby-dumping news in the newspaper of late. Gory pictures of babies bitten by ants, dogs. There were pictures of these poor little things being dumped at a local municipal dumping ground, in the river, in a dumpster and even nearby a bus stop.

There are several voices who wanted to push for the legal marriage age of the Muslim women in Malaysia to be 16 so that “there will be no more illegal babies”.

I don’t think that is the real answer, it only skirted the issue. To allow these young people to get married, say, an age around 16, what can these kids do to support themselves? The young wives will get pregnant, drop out of school, then having to take care of a child no older than herself, and all the while having to be dependant on her husband for expenses. What can a 16 or a 17 year old husband do to support himself, a young wife and a new baby? How much can he earn? How much can a welfare support a family? RM150 a month will not get you a decent meal for a week. Even Whispers sanitary napkin costs RM5.00 per box and that leaves RM145 for what? Do these people expect the wife to wear banana leaf?

If the family is caring enough to support her (or the whole new family) then it may lighten up the burden, but if not, arent you one screwed new little family?

The answer is sex education on top of the obligatory moral and religious education. Not sex education as how most of these people think they are. No, we are not going to show how the deed is done per se. We need to tell them that sex comes with responsibilities and values from the religious and moral perspective. That sex will result in a baby or more babies if they dont know how to keep their things in their pants. Babies need food, love and care.  And a painful labour that makes all parts of your bodies scream in pain as if you are dying.

I wonder has any of the parents or teachers shown their brood these pictures below? Show the girls how to protect themselves from getting pregnant. It will teach the boys how to keep their yahoos from impregnating their girlfriends.





Show these kids gory child birthing videos. Sure, the initial look of someone’s private part may be exciting but not when you see the head of the baby coming up with all the blood and the scream, tearing all your innermost out.

If this havent scared the shit out of them, I dont know what else.


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