The Eidil Fitri 2010 That Was

It has been a fantabulous Eidil Fitri this year. There were steady stream of visitors who started to come by from 12.00 noon.

The preparation had started from a few weeks before. The meat had to be ordered, menu drawn up and finalized, positioning of sofa and tables need to be thought of and finally the guest list.

It was a special Eidil Fitri this year. I couldnt describe the feeling but it was awesome. For one, George was around to celebrate the special day together with The Teenager and me, unlike last year when he was away in Canada. It was great to feel like a whole family again. Second, we had the opportunity to have our non Muslim friends over to enjoy our food and get to know each other. A few of our FB friends make the effort to come by too. The Teenager was getting worried in case her friends would not come but they proved her wrong. By around 8.00 pm that evening, a whole hungry bunch of them, maybe around 10-15 came by and bulldozed the newly cooked nasi briyani and rendang.

The last visitor dropped by around 10.30 pm and left around 1.00 am. Unfortunately, we could only serve Farah some left over cookies and coffee as the Raya goodies were gone. George started to nod off by 11.00 pm and excused himself to retire for the evening. My poor husband….

As I locked the front gate and checked the house’s doors for the last time before I make my way to the bed, I looked around our house home, feeling happy and content. What a wonderful place to be – at home with all my loved ones.




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