A World Of Needs And Wants

Here I am watching Confessions Of A Shopaholic on Star Movies. Cute, funny and pretty interesting. I said interesting because I dont usually watch chic flick or somewhere along the lines of soppy or girlie movies. The story revolves around a young woman named Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) who is a shopaholic. I love the scenes where the mannequins in the dressing windows clapped their hands when she decided not to fall for temptations to buy from the stores. I also like the ending when she said that “she stopped having relationships with her credit card and that the only relationships she has right now is with someone real who doesnt reject her“. Cute lines, really, and true too.

I have never been a person who is into branded stuff except on important things. Important things differ from one person to another. I certainly would not compromise the safety on things such as electrical items, cosmetics among other things. Would I pay RM3,000 for a bag? Nope, even when I can afford it. I might as well put the RM3,000 to improve my garden for instance (gives me a piece of mind looking at pretty gardens), or a short holiday with the family (spending quality time), buy another a/c unit for the hall (it gets really humid by mid year) or adding on furniture to our home (provides comfort for the family).

Throughout the years I have learn how to differentiate between the needs and wants. Tough lessons but I think I have improved. I learnt that I will not get sick when I dont go for my bi weekly mani and pedi. Instead I would go for monthly session for a complete make over and in between the weeks I would keep a simple maintenance. That a Revlon lip colour works as well as my Estee Lauder’s though I would not compromise between the Mac eye palette to any generic brand. A pair of Charles & Keith works well for me just as a Choo’s but then I dont have a Choo as I didnt see the need in owning them. 

Grocery shopping is a another good example of a fine balancing act between the need and the want. Each week George and I would divide the shopping list of between the Giant and Green Grocers and Cold Storage. Everyday items such as detergents, cooking oil, rice or local spices would be from Giant. Plenty of good brands with reasonable pricing there. We get our perishables from Green Grocers and Cold Storage simply because there are plenty of good selection of cheese, meat, vegetables and various sauces for western menu. We also find that there are ample selection of local vegetables to keep me happy in Green Grocers as how George is happy with the selection of  salad, sauces and chocolates theres.

It is also quite easy to fall into the trap of buying things when you walk into a store. I am such a fan of pharmacy (Guardian or Watson’s), bookstores, and flea markets. Not forgetting Ikea….It is so difficult to walk away without buying anything from these places.

The trick is not to go shopping when the tummy is hungry.

Wouldnt I have a wish list to fill in with branded stuff. Of course I do! In fact it may be a long list but I think most of them revolve around household items, holidays and stuff for George, The Teenager and the furbabes. 😉 I would LOVE to have a full collection of Pickard, Royal Albert, Bopla!, Villeroy and Boch….sigh…


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