Today I Want To Talk About My New Job

The great thing about having a partner and a husband like George is that he is a man whom I can have such intelligent discussions with and full of excellent ideas. And not even once he ever made me want to act dumb, which is a fresh breath of air.

So, that being the backdrop of the blog today, I want to talk about my new job. Yes, as of 1st November 2010, I have a new job with one of the business arms of the company that I am with. A job which I never thought would be offered to me. But, here I am, a few days in this new job and feeling on top of the world.

Excited? Definitely.

Scared shit? Absolutely.

My boss once said, “Hanie, everyone has fear of failure.” I suppose she was right. She was in the industry for more than 15 years. Every day for the past month or so, I have shared with George my fear, successes and thoughts while we trudge through the traffic jam to go back home.

I have a great team in the office to begin with. Work is tough and challenging as it is a new set up but everyone are so “switch on” and that is the way I would like to keep things. We set baby steps milestones and there are high-fives and cheers each time we surpass the milestones each day.

As for me, the real challenge is myself and not anyone else. The bar is high enough that it can make anyone dizzy. I sometimes have to remind myself that I have to practise what I preach – to take things in small steps.


2 Replies to “Today I Want To Talk About My New Job”

  1. Lucky you…to have someone like George who could share some ‘intelligent’ discussions with you at home or one that would not put you down. (sigh)

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