My Favourite Things

Way sometimes back I posted a few similar pieces on my favourite things. Some of the old postings were funny, some were sad. Some had no written things except a few choiced pictures. I can see the mood transcend between angry, moody, happiness etc.

One of my favourite pieces was written sometime back in December 2008. It was also called My Favourite Things…..and reminds me so much of watching Julie Andrews singing.

2010 is closing soon and I think I have added a few more things to the list of favourite things. Hey, it might be a wish list of sort too? And here they are:

First from Van Cleef & Arpels. Love the scent!

Stilla products especially its travelling items. Too bad I cant find Stilla products in Malaysia now as they have close shop a couple of years ago.

Marks & Spencer’s cargo pants are awesome wear for that “santai” (chilling) time. Expensive as they can get in Malaysia – at around RM99.90 per piece, and it is not a very glamour looking thing, I have been travelling around with the piece. So cooling and comfortable to the skin.

Nasi padang Sari Ratu, Kota Damansara. What else can I say about this place except to rave and rave about its food and good service. George loves its spicy daging rendang or the fried chicken, The Teenager will never go without her kari ayam (chicken curry) and paru goreng (fried lung) and me with the simple grilled fish easten with a good dollop of sambal and ulam-ulam.

The kicap ABC (a kind of sticky sweet soya sauce) complements everything – from the plain rice, to the grilled fish, to the spicy rendang. A firm favourite for the family.

Travelling bugs have bitten me since a long time ago and I know George feels the same way. This year we have been to a few places around Malaysia and I just simply love showing him the country – the sight, sound, taste and smell. So far there have been no issues about the sights and sound. On the taste department, it can be a bit of a challenge as certain kind of local food may not agree with with his taste bud. The smell of durian however have not deterred him to sit down at the same table and “teman” (accompany) me to whack my durian. And so was the smell of belacan (shrimp paste) that permeates the air whenever I cook sambal with petai (stinky beans) at home.


My furkids 😉 especially Zeus, Amaddeus, Me, Wally Wally, Rexton…ok, so the list goes on. Awesome furkids! Hugs!

And of course, the favourite-est (if ever there was a word like that, is my family – two most favourite people in the whole galaxy wide and some.


December Is Back?

My goodness!

I thought it was only recent that I was making plans for the year end travel, getting the house ready for George’s arrival and preparing for The Teenager’s college. That was LAST December. And now it is December once again. Where did the time go?

The shopping malls in the city are now decked with everything Christmas – from Christmas songs to Christmas sale, cute Santarinas selling limited edition perfumes in the malls’ concourse to furniture shops selling teak wood for Christmas celebration. Just minutes ago, I was even looking through one of our favourite store- Cold Storage’s special booklet on Christmas turkey and cold cuts. Just simply awesome selection!

I am definitely in the mood for a good break. It has been a while since we went for one. Hotel rooms are full on the dates we like and so are flights. Looking at the local packages, we might as well travel to outside of Malaysia considering the costs and everything. New Zealand looks promising at the moment and so are Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives…