December Is Back?

My goodness!

I thought it was only recent that I was making plans for the year end travel, getting the house ready for George’s arrival and preparing for The Teenager’s college. That was LAST December. And now it is December once again. Where did the time go?

The shopping malls in the city are now decked with everything Christmas – from Christmas songs to Christmas sale, cute Santarinas selling limited edition perfumes in the malls’ concourse to furniture shops selling teak wood for Christmas celebration. Just minutes ago, I was even looking through one of our favourite store- Cold Storage’s special booklet on Christmas turkey and cold cuts. Just simply awesome selection!

I am definitely in the mood for a good break. It has been a while since we went for one. Hotel rooms are full on the dates we like and so are flights. Looking at the local packages, we might as well travel to outside of Malaysia considering the costs and everything. New Zealand looks promising at the moment and so are Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives…


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