New Year Thoughts – Here Comes 2011

Here comes 1.1.11!!

Many people make their new year resolution for that one year alone. And towards the end of the year they found themselves hardly completing even half of that resolution. Could it be because the time is too short to accomplish the resolution? Or the list too long?

I have decided to review my year in year out resolution that sees me far from completing it for the past many years. I thought that by making the timeline longer and the list shorter may bring better results. Hence here they are:

Timeline of resolution: 2 years (instead of just focussing on one year…)

The resolutions are divided into four:

  1. Family – more quality time with the family. We all love travelling and I plan to make more short trips just as how we did in 2010. However 2011 and 2012 perhaps will see us travelling a bit further than usual. Indo-China, Indonesia and Canada are definitely in the agenda.
  2. Career – George has been supportive in my career decisions and that makes things a lot easier to accomplish. 2011/2012 will see more things to do and promises more exciting stuff to happen. Insyaallah with this comes more money too.
  3. Religion – I had wanted to perform Umrah for the longest time. There were several times before in my previous life where the opportunity presented itself but with no muhrim to go with, the trip never really materialized. When I got single again, I prayed to God telling him if and when He decided to open my heart again to love, please show me some signs. I met George and soon after we got things on a serious mode, he spoke of performing Umrah together. I knew then he was The One for me.
  4. Self – I still feel guilty each time I give myself some treats or even when George makes some coffee for me in the morning. Or when he drives me to the pedicurist for some me-time on that certain Sundays. Or when I buy something that I have been eyeing for a heck of a long time. Each shopping trip always yields back stuff for George, The Teenager, the kitties or home. Hardly have I actually got myself anything. However, 2011 will change all that. I want to treat myself a bit more and it is okay to do that.

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