This Is The Family

A few weeks back we woke on early on that Sunday morning and braved the drive all the way to Cheras for our appointment with an office buddy of mine who happens to dabble in photography. The appointment had been re-scheduled a few times before due to work and family commitment.

We decided to have a few change of clothes including something traditional. The reason being that during the last Eidil Fitri’s open house, we were so busy attending to guests and snapping pictures of the special day that we entirely had forgotten to take ours!

It was an exciting session. We laughed a lot as it felt quite uncomfortable to have the bright lights on our faces and not quite sure how to pose. Aira, The Teenager’s best friend was also there to join the photoshoot.

Here are some of the wonderful photos:


2 Replies to “This Is The Family”

  1. Thanks so much for dropping by and for the blog link! Have not heard from you in a while though. Drop by again soon yeah?

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