Companionship For Sex And Money, Or Sex And Money For Companionship?

Have I confused you yet?

One of today’s new in The Star today caught my eyes. It seems that there are a number of Malaysian men who entered into “paid marriages” to foreign brides. Fees ranging from RM3,000 and above. In addition to this, they also receive money to bail their wives out when they get caught in some “troubles”, which usually involve in some vice activities.

I was amused too to read that these women need not sleep with their husbands to show their gratitude. Really? Wow. Here we have a woman who came from some kampung-est part of some remote third world country, no money but ambitious to earn some or wants to help the family (or whoever), and she gets to go to this country where all she has to do is to be married to some stranger. With no strings attached?

Some of the men also said that they are doing this for companionship. Uh ha. And you have to pay for these companionships? It sounded like someone said, “Yes I have to pay for sex“. Sad.

I dont think the meanwho did this are too idiotic too to realize here is his chance to sample his wife first before her real job at the sleazy karaoke joint starts.

I am sorry, but whatever and however you want to put it, I smell human traficking here. The activities itself doesnt sound right, doesnt look right, so it must not be right. If something walks like a duck, sound like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.



Friday Rantings

I have been busy. Ultra busy.

I have been ultra busy with work, work and work. Eventhough the alarm starts to ring at 6.30 am but because the brain has been active since late the previous night, I could never get enough sleep. At least, that is what I have been feeling. Sometime towards the end of last year, I felt that I was reaching to a point where I almost had a breakdown. I talked, slept and talked again about holidays. I needed a break. BADLY.

I did. George and I went for a drive to the East Coast and had a blast. I came back to work in the new year with much vigour.

It feels like a real yoyo managing new business as I am. Expectations are high and self expectations are way, way much higher. And I get stressed.

Like today.

I dont understand why some people have the mentality not  to do things now. The key word is now. Just. Do.It.Now. Be resourceful when you are confronted with issues. Ask questions, be curious. Do more. Have the mentality that good that is NOT enough.  Adding to this, be responsble towards your job. If you dont do it, then someone has to do it. Which is not fair unless you want to share your pay too. Right?

Are these too much to ask?

I believe when you have action, you will have reaction. Simple physics law.


Post V Day

V Day this year was not as we had it planned out. I came out from the office way too late to get the meat and vegetables. I was tired and it had been a long day at the office. George’s tummy was not feeling too good either and so he decided to nurse it back at home. I had planned for a nice steak and salad with some chocolate cake as dessert. Candle light and whatever else.

But no. Instead I only reached the housing area 8.00 pm and George was already waiting for me somewhere in Uptown. We decided that eating out was the best decision. Our usual Japanese restaurant was full and with a long line too. No way we were going to wait. And we so we decided to proceed to Plan B – nasi Padang Sari Ratu.

Owh. By the way. Did I mention that with all the best intentions for V Day, I didnt get my husband any thing! He, on the other hand, came prepared when I went to pick him up. This big paper bag with hearts printed all over it was on my lap when he got into the car. And all were practical gifts as how I love it. Awesome!

Thank you, darling.


The East Coast Trip (Again) Part 1

George and I really like the East Coast that we decided to drive there again during the long Chinese New Year holidays. This time, we decided to stay a bit longer in Kuala Terengganu and explore the unique city.

Being the adventurous couple, we did not make any hotel reservations, as usual…so, the first night of travelling we decided to stay at Vistana Hotel, Kuantan. Dinner was at Satay Zul – George’s favourite satay place and coffee was Hyatt Kuantan. The sound of the pounding waves of the South China Sea was so close to the Verandah. It was a high tide and I could sense the power of the waves as they surged towards the shore.

The next day, we drove to Kuala Terengganu passing through the beautiful coastal road. Stopped a few times at the scenic beaches to take in the view and continued driving. The 3 hour drive was not bad at all with less traffic on the road due to the holidays but we did have to dodge the cows, goats and the occassional mad drivers. One of the stops, the Mesra Mall in Kerteh was interesting. This big, clean and interesting Suria KLCC-owned mall was smacked right in the middle of between big cities of Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu. It has a good retail mixture ranging from Giant, to Guardian to some high end names. They even have TGV! Wowow! Definitely a place to explore again (which we did on the way back).

It was a good thing that the good ole Bessy-Bruce didnt give us any major headache during the trip as he/she had been coughing badly each time we start her/him in the morning. The temperature kept rising up each time we drove her/him up slopes so we had to switch off the aircond each time this happened.

Not nice.

Anyways, I digressed a little there.

Ri-Yaz Heritage And Marina Resort was an amazing resort. The only flip side were a) the spa was closed due to minor renovation b) it was not located near the beach. Otherwise, it has all the right elements of an excellent resort. I told George that it looked like Fantasy Island, almost. Just no Mr Roake waiting at the lobby.