Post V Day

V Day this year was not as we had it planned out. I came out from the office way too late to get the meat and vegetables. I was tired and it had been a long day at the office. George’s tummy was not feeling too good either and so he decided to nurse it back at home. I had planned for a nice steak and salad with some chocolate cake as dessert. Candle light and whatever else.

But no. Instead I only reached the housing area 8.00 pm and George was already waiting for me somewhere in Uptown. We decided that eating out was the best decision. Our usual Japanese restaurant was full and with a long line too. No way we were going to wait. And we so we decided to proceed to Plan B – nasi Padang Sari Ratu.

Owh. By the way. Did I mention that with all the best intentions for V Day, I didnt get my husband any thing! He, on the other hand, came prepared when I went to pick him up. This big paper bag with hearts printed all over it was on my lap when he got into the car. And all were practical gifts as how I love it. Awesome!

Thank you, darling.



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