Friday Rantings

I have been busy. Ultra busy.

I have been ultra busy with work, work and work. Eventhough the alarm starts to ring at 6.30 am but because the brain has been active since late the previous night, I could never get enough sleep. At least, that is what I have been feeling. Sometime towards the end of last year, I felt that I was reaching to a point where I almost had a breakdown. I talked, slept and talked again about holidays. I needed a break. BADLY.

I did. George and I went for a drive to the East Coast and had a blast. I came back to work in the new year with much vigour.

It feels like a real yoyo managing new business as I am. Expectations are high and self expectations are way, way much higher. And I get stressed.

Like today.

I dont understand why some people have the mentality not  to do things now. The key word is now. Just. Do.It.Now. Be resourceful when you are confronted with issues. Ask questions, be curious. Do more. Have the mentality that good that is NOT enough.  Adding to this, be responsble towards your job. If you dont do it, then someone has to do it. Which is not fair unless you want to share your pay too. Right?

Are these too much to ask?

I believe when you have action, you will have reaction. Simple physics law.



2 Replies to “Friday Rantings”

  1. No Hanie.. it’s not too much to ask.
    While some feel strongly about it, there are others who just don’t see it and I bet there are segelintir yang refuse to see it.

  2. Sometimes rasa frustrated sangat-sangat as kita ni dah berlari ten paces ke hadapan, tapi ada yang kat belakang lagi terhegeh-hegeh.

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