Companionship For Sex And Money, Or Sex And Money For Companionship?

Have I confused you yet?

One of today’s new in The Star today caught my eyes. It seems that there are a number of Malaysian men who entered into “paid marriages” to foreign brides. Fees ranging from RM3,000 and above. In addition to this, they also receive money to bail their wives out when they get caught in some “troubles”, which usually involve in some vice activities.

I was amused too to read that these women need not sleep with their husbands to show their gratitude. Really? Wow. Here we have a woman who came from some kampung-est part of some remote third world country, no money but ambitious to earn some or wants to help the family (or whoever), and she gets to go to this country where all she has to do is to be married to some stranger. With no strings attached?

Some of the men also said that they are doing this for companionship. Uh ha. And you have to pay for these companionships? It sounded like someone said, “Yes I have to pay for sex“. Sad.

I dont think the meanwho did this are too idiotic too to realize here is his chance to sample his wife first before her real job at the sleazy karaoke joint starts.

I am sorry, but whatever and however you want to put it, I smell human traficking here. The activities itself doesnt sound right, doesnt look right, so it must not be right. If something walks like a duck, sound like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.



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