Law Of Attraction

Had a lovely lunch with a friend earlier today. We have been friends only recently via one of the entrepreneurial networking sessions and hit it well soon after. She is smart, intelligent, speaks well, independent and knows what she wants.

She has all the positive aura. And I like it.

That was where we spoke about the Law of Attraction.

According to Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction, it is the science of attracting of more you want and less of what you dont want. I simply call it “not hanging out with toxic people” because they will sap the hell out of energy from you.

This also means that you must always strive to think positively and not become phsycobiatches when confronted with issues. Hurling verbal and physical abuse towards the maid, for instance, will render you a phsycobiatch in my diagnosis. So is acting like a Kayu Ara kutus who think they are Cicilian gangsters.

Not cool.

I have seen couples who, for the life of me, cannot understand why they stay with each other. Including me and the ex but then I digress. Could it be that the Law of Attraction are in play?


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