Countdown To My Birthday

Owh my! It is almost the day.

I always think that a birthday is the only day which truly belongs to you because it is yours. In this world, there are only a few things that are truly yours – your name, and birthday. And maybe your MyKad number. But then again there are caseswhere someone else stole your identity and you ended up paying for the C Class and the 5 Platinum cards that you never owned in the first place.

But then, as always, I digress.

Some people asked me how old am I. I said, I am perpertually stuck at 35. George got stuck at 30 for some reason.  Try to ask someone how old they feel. Chances are they will say a figure which is different from their real age. I have a theory for this. There might be a profound event that occured at that age, and it got stuck there. Doesnt matter whether it was good or bad, but something happened.

Go ahead. Ask yourself that question.

I remember celebrating my 7th birthday. I was in Standard 1. So many friends came over to our house. To see a real birthday being celebrated in a felda settlement must have been a sight to everyone. But that was my mom. She likes doing things with style.

Then, there were many more birthdays to celebrate. Each birthday was different than the other. Some were celebrated in such fun ways, many more were not so good when my parents went separate ways. My 17th birthday was grand. The makan do was done in the white-washed, grand rest-house in Raub, my home town. The caterers were called in to cook for a big group of hungry teenagers including the fortunate  in-house guests of the rest house at that time. I must say we make new friends that day.

21st birthday…hmm..honestly, I could not recall exactly how it went. I was already married then and just started to show the baby bump. Life was different. Birthdays came and went, and none really stood up. Birthdays revolved around the family – husband, daughter and everyone elses. And yet, I held on deep in my heart that my birthday was mine and noone elses.

Skipping all the years and there I had my pre 40th birthday sitting alone on the beach in PD admiring the sunny sky and the long stretch of beach. Feeling content, happy and liberated knowing well that it was me who chose to be where I was on that day and doing exactly what I wanted.

I so look forward to celebrating the 42nd birthday in a few days to come knowing well that I am content, happy and liberated.

As George said, life is too short.


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