Farewell My Friend

Today I would like to dedicate this post to an old friend. I have known Megat and Eda for several years now. Our kids went to school together. Eda’s family and my family knew each other too as we came from the same kampung. Never had I seen such loving and beautiful couple as this one.

The way they talked to each other, and the way they looked at each other from across the room.  I knew this was not just a wedded couple but the best of friends, partners and soul mates. Nothing can take away at how these two people love at each other, come what may. I have seen how they braved life’s challenges and how they found happiness in everything that they did together.

When George and I planned to get married, they graciously opened up their home for the ceremony. All went perfectly well, from the dinner preparation, to the akad nikah ceremony itself and gathering of the mosque committee.  And we can never, ever express enough gratitudes towards these couple except for praying to Allah for their health, wealth and happiness.

Megat’s health deteriorated from last year and Eda had been challenged with this. Still, I see how strong they were facing God’s tests.

He finally met his Maker peacefully last Wednesday. He is no longer in pain.

Farewell my dear friend and may Allah bless your soul. And to my friend, Eda, be strong as this is God’s test in life.


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