Five Things Malay Men Should Do To Keep Their Women (And Keep Them Happy)

22 thoughts on “Five Things Malay Men Should Do To Keep Their Women (And Keep Them Happy)”

  1. dun like malay men, will never date a malay men ever again. I have grown up and must say, quite fed up with their chauvinistic and superficial ways. 90% of them r like that. Besides, I’m just not attracted 2 them physically. I have much better options in foreign men. Good body, good height n better looking. If they can go out with other races and be critical 2 us malay woman, y can’y we? Fair is fair. Besides, it’s not a rule that a malay man must pair up with a malay woman only.cheers.:)

  2. Hello Mie, thanks for dropping by. I must say that I have many friends who are married to good Malay men. They are caring, loving and different. But I guess there are not many out there. George thinks that there is a market for re educating the shy men out there who doesnt know how to express their love…. I tend to agree 😉 There are foreign men who are jerks too and just want to play around.

  3. I think the overall Malay generation men and women today, especially Malaysians are simply either spoilt, messy ( or whatever terms that suits them) mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually too. Good for them because they let themselves be that; cant blame perception of others! Maybe thats why you see them failing almost in every aspect of life….most obvious attitudes. No one can help them if they cant help themselves.

  4. am glad that i am married to a ” melayu celup “..hehehehe….though there’s hiccups here and there..but we managed. ALHAMDULILLAH….

  5. Shidah: we cannot change other people but we can change ourselves. And we do have options too but at the end of the day we have to be true to ourselves.

    Rose: Your other half kan memang melayu celup pun and a good man 😉 You guys are so good for each other. I am glad things are going well for both of you, Amin…

  6. Hi Hanie, interesting writing you have here. I actually ended at your blog after looking up Russian men (my daughter asked me about them i just thought i googgled!) found some interesting stuff but i wouldnt say much about the validity and being a malay myself just thought i google ‘malay men’ and got to ur page. i figured if i get a fairly true version then maybe to certain extendt it could be right!

    Personally as long i can remember, i have not experienced malay men that fitted the negative perceptions except one that was horribly obsessed. But , that feature is present among almost all races. I think it is not right to generalize Malay men as such and as you also mentioned there are other races that have negative sides as well.

    At the end of the day i still know my roots and appreciate being Malay but that doesnt mean im not open to criticism.


  7. Hello Gina! Glad you dropped by. Yes I know it is not right to generalize as all these traits exist in all races. I came up with this piece after encountering so many friends who are already in ther 30’s and ready to be with a partner. The conversation always revolve around the difficulty in finding a partner within the same race (as in a Malay). It was inspired by all these conversations. And the thing is, I kept on hearing more or less the same issue, so one comment from one person may not mean anything, but if it came from many?

    Do come back again and looking forward to hear your thoughts.


  8. Hi Ani, thanks for dropping by! Yes you may take the excerpt from my blog but would appreciate if you could credit it back to me by linking back to my blog at the same url. Thanks again and do let me know what kind of response you get! 😉

  9. i think youre referring to those typical Malaysian malay boys. have you tried those non typical malay boys in singapore?

  10. Whatever! Choose a good Muslim husband over a more ‘convenient’ partnership if needed be. That’s our genuine care for you.

  11. Dear Malay Man…….am I missing a point here, or have you? And please enlighten me on “That’s our genuine care for you”. Who are you addressing this to? If you were referring to me, well…errr the last time I checked, my husband has been a practicing Muslim for the past 25 years.

  12. Hi, a Singaporean malay here. Won’t say how I got to your page but I did. I’ve dated a few singaporean malay men but ended up married to an australian by fate. I think most malay men are good looking, charming and have good intentions, but they are egotistical in the way that a lot of them are chauvinists and we are just arm candy. I realise I might be wrong and have misunderstood, or maybe I dated the wrong kind of malay men lol, but nevertheless I’m so glad I married my husband, who respects me as both a woman and a muslimah, alhamdulillah. Having said this, a lot of my friends are married to malay men and are happy so the above is just my experience and I do believe there are many good malay men out there (my dad is a prime example) 🙂 Thanks for the read!

  13. Glad you found this article interesting, Yan. I used to wonder – was it me, or was it them? Hmmmmm…I think irregardless of who we feel most comfortable with also speaks of our own expectations of the relationship. I expect that there should be respect and fairness, not just me Tarzan (husband) you Jane (wife) mentality.

  14. Jika awak ada abang atau adik lelaki cuba lihat bagaimana mereka melayan isteri mereka
    Dan kalaulah awak lelaki..pun akan lebih kurang begitu.itulah masaalahnya.

  15. Not sure if race is the main agenda here…If you drop the word malay…You will see that this articles goes and implies to any men of any race really. There’s always some that are better looking, better husband…etc and some that just sucked. So your article should really aim for men in general, to not be so egocentric and try to be a good companion to their women. It is a partnership after all; both marriage & parenting.

  16. Hi Hanie, why don’t u admit that u always want to be in bikini at the beach, wear half naked everywhere, speaking english everytime, everywhere- since it might not at the standard to converse in “Tarzan’s language” (malay-native speaking), consume wine to have a “romantic date” etc.

    people is so in denial syndrome which make them to blame others, just because something is not in line with their lustful interest.. Hopefully ur australian husband keen to get polygamy soon. As a typical malay woman with less physical attractiveness, i don’t think he will sustain longer with you. Or else, as a liberal “western-thinking” woman, u don’t even bother ur husband to sleep with other women since u are not capable enough to serve him..well, just as long as the marriage subsist..

    Unless u’re blind, you should always know that the WHITES are so into partying, and open in cohabitation thing before tying any knot. And I believe those characters are so into you.

    its so ironic..:D:D

  17. Hahaha…dude, are you happy? Or are you a dudette? You make me happy this morning. Want to know why? You just confirmed my story la how trashy people can get… You even got my husband’s nationality wrong la. People like you, being trash and low self esteemed, having distorted thoughts seldom get the good deal. Fluff. Thats what you are…now, go back home. Pray to Allah to forgive your sins for bersangka buruk. Jangan ingat semua orang putih sama. Sometimes they are so much better than the default Muslims.

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