Life Is Short, So What Are You Going To Do About It?

I was mulling over an apt title for this blog today as I have so much of things to say. And so I thought about the real message that I want to share.

That life is short.

A family friend passed on recently after a bout of sickness.

Someone’s father passed on a few weeks ago too after being ill for a long time. He could not even recognize his own son towards the end.

I recalled of a certain someone who had been in his job for like decades and never really liked it. He was doing the work because that was the only thing he knew.

Real life stories of dramas, anguish and trails of broken hearted individuals who stayed on in relationships that failed them time and again. They stayed on because of the children and for the fear of not making it on their own.

Someone I knew told me days ago that he wishes that he has my guts to do what I have done in my life before. I told him that not all risks are worth it, and not all challenges you should take. You need to ask yourself what do you want in life? What do I gain from doing all these? Can I live with this decision? If yes, for how long? If not, what are the next steps?

Some people are so caught up in every day’s dramas that they forget who they are and their social obligations to be connected with the people around them – their families, friends and colleagues. And they become biatches of all times.


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