I Am Leaving The Corporate World, Hello Again Self Employment


In the next few days I will be leaving the corporate world. I cant believe that it has been several years – 4 years or so- that I have entered into the corporate world. And now I will be back being self employed.


 (The above picture with the team was taken on the last day of work. From left, Farhan, Lina, me, Galaxic and Jeff)

It took me a while to make this decision. It was a very difficult one so to speak, as I love what I do. Nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to match the need of an employer to the need of a candidate. I told my team that my philosophy is simple – whoever that walks through that door, we will try to place them somewhere.

Well, at this phase and age, I have decided to go back to what I had done before and had tasted the honey. And I have done it again and again. Insyaallah I will do it again.

(The APAC team from the Global Solutions & Support)

There are plenty of plans in the pipeline and they are all extremely exciting. The possibilities are endless, it is just so amazing.

The funny thing is, my usual stress headaches are gone…hahaha…and beat this, I have actually lost 5 kg in the past many weeks!


One Reply to “I Am Leaving The Corporate World, Hello Again Self Employment”

  1. Very glad you stepping out in faith (as always through you life journey), to persue what you have done best. You have what it takes (and proven) to be your own boss. 🙂

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