1 Million Youth Gathering @ Putrajaya, And How I Ended The Weekend

My first foray back into the entrepreneurial life started on last Friday. I opened up a makan booth at the 1 Million Youth gathering carnival in Putrajaya. My God, I had never seen so many young people at one place!

The official link to the gathering is here.


There were so many people and so many events. The location of my booth was right smack in the middle of two main stages at the Celebrity Village (located at Persiaran Perdana). TM booth was just next door. Naturally the rent was fu@%*$! expensive quite prime considering the traffic the location brought.

No assistant whatsoever to help preparing the food except that George was kind enough to drive me around getting the necessary ingredients and carrying the goods from the kitchen to the car to the tent. Saturday was the craziest day of all. I literally ran out of my mixed-rice within a couple of hours. I ran out of things to sell by 6 pm except for a few sticks of hot dogs. Oh yea! The hot dogs were selling like crazy.

It was nothing fancy. It was a hotdog ala-Ikea. Just a bun, a stick of sausage and I let them choose whatever sauce they wanted. Mustard was something they thought fancy enough to add on a hot dog. I make pretty patterns on the dog – swirls or dots and interlaced with ketchup and mayo.

The mixed rice was a hit as there was no one else selling it around that area. The sambal chicken was selling like hot cakes and so was the sambal sardines. The kampung fried rice went well too.


The weather was so hot and humid for the three day event and it was sapping my energy big time. I woke up at around 4.30 am to 5 am every day to cook for about 100 odd servings of mixed rice plus the side dishes. I chose only what I thought would be best sellers such as sambal ayam, sambal ikan, chicken stew, fried eggs, a few types of vegetables, tempe goreng, fried sausages with ketchup, nasi goreng kampung, a couple types of fried noodles.

In the early afternoon, I would take out the steamer and prepped for my hot dog and sandwich corner. Simple sandwiches – tuna, eggs and sardines.

My old friend, Shida, opened up her stall too selling the best roselle juice in town! She was kept busy with good customers including moi.

Woke up this morning (or rather at noon) with an aching body and tired feet. I am so going for a body massage in the next few days so that the brain can be properly tuned to the next projects in the pipeline.


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