Chillax In The City

(Hanie blogging from a rustic-looking stall somewhere in Lorong Ceylon while waiting for the time to pick George up from his work place. Two ex-packed nasi lemak and teh-O suam sitting next to her)

The last time I had that mee bakso in Kg Bharu was way back in 1995 or thereabout. That was one heck of a long time ago. The stall is still there. The menu has changed slightly, somewhat, with a few additional items such as meehun sup and mee sup. A few variety of hot and cold drinks. The stall grew from a two-table to now a 10-table.

And the mee bakso was the same tasty mee bakso as I remembered albeit the fact that the beef balls and shredded chicken has somewhat reduced in size. For RM3.50 a bowl, it was a steal for lunch.

I carefully scooped out a small spoon of a concoction of bird’s eye chili and vinegar from the side condiment dish into my piping hot bowl of noodle soup. I savoured every bit of the shredded chicken, beef balls and noodles, all infused with spices. And the savoury soup tasted soo….good….!


I used to escape here with a few work colleagues then in the hope of having a slightly different menu for lunch from the usual cafe offerings. Having to maneuver the small and tight lanes in Kg Bharu was a real challenge, let alone to find a decent parking. Mind you the stall was not exactly a stand-alone stall…it was built as part of someone’s house occupying a small corner of the wooden structure.

And so it wasnt really a surprise having to find ourselves parked next to someone’s drying lines….

Funny how certain things havent changed much with time. Well, maybe some, but not much. I like that. It makes you remember some nice things as how they were.


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