I have arrived to my conclusion

Too many directions

Too many diversions.


Putting my foot down

Don’t drag me in your confusions

No more, no more

This is my decision.


In My Thinking Mode

(Hanie blogging from her 12th floor chilly hotel room, and still feeling miserable)

Woke up around 6 am and couldnt sleep. Kept on tossing and turning in bed and thinking that here I am in a city where I usually enjoy visiting, and yet not this time around. Too much on my mind.

By 8 am I decided to go out for a little walk about in the area, and do some thinking. I needed to go out and detach myself from the issues and try to look at them from another perspective.

Kitchener Road and the surrounding area are not exactly a prime area for some simple toast and coffee. Majority of the restaurants are Indian restaurants and cafes. Usually I dont mind some teh tarik and roti canai. But not today. I needed my comfort food like rice porridge, kaya toast, nasi lemak, meehon sup. Things like that.

I ended up having watered down laksa kari nearby the hotel. At least the coffee wasnt that bad.

Have I reached conclusions to my thinking? I think so. Needed to get the desired outcome met by today.

Being Away From Home

I have been away from home since Thursday and now in the Lion City on a business trip with a client, bringing along The Teenager.

Miserable. Thats how I can describe it.

The business negotiation is already a tough one and I am missing George badly. I also miss my furbabies a lot. This is tough, tough, tough.

George took the trouble to fly down on Friday evening and went back on Sunday evening. It was a short trip and I was glad he did. The stress of the trip was beginning to take a toll on my health but seeing him makes everything else seemed so much better.

I have been contemplating on what God was trying to tell all of us -client and me-on why all these issues and challenges we are facing now. I know there are a few lessons learnt here. They are good hard-hitting messages. It is tough to do fire fighting.

But, keeping to our motto – Life is too short- I need to plan for something for this client which hopefully makes her life, her family, and mine easier. And less stressful.

In the meantime, I need sleep. And dream of my husband. And the kiddies.

And dreaming of our 2nd anniversary this coming weekend.