Being Away From Home

I have been away from home since Thursday and now in the Lion City on a business trip with a client, bringing along The Teenager.

Miserable. Thats how I can describe it.

The business negotiation is already a tough one and I am missing George badly. I also miss my furbabies a lot. This is tough, tough, tough.

George took the trouble to fly down on Friday evening and went back on Sunday evening. It was a short trip and I was glad he did. The stress of the trip was beginning to take a toll on my health but seeing him makes everything else seemed so much better.

I have been contemplating on what God was trying to tell all of us -client and me-on why all these issues and challenges we are facing now. I know there are a few lessons learnt here. They are good hard-hitting messages. It is tough to do fire fighting.

But, keeping to our motto – Life is too short- I need to plan for something for this client which hopefully makes her life, her family, and mine easier. And less stressful.

In the meantime, I need sleep. And dream of my husband. And the kiddies.

And dreaming of our 2nd anniversary this coming weekend.


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