In My Thinking Mode

(Hanie blogging from her 12th floor chilly hotel room, and still feeling miserable)

Woke up around 6 am and couldnt sleep. Kept on tossing and turning in bed and thinking that here I am in a city where I usually enjoy visiting, and yet not this time around. Too much on my mind.

By 8 am I decided to go out for a little walk about in the area, and do some thinking. I needed to go out and detach myself from the issues and try to look at them from another perspective.

Kitchener Road and the surrounding area are not exactly a prime area for some simple toast and coffee. Majority of the restaurants are Indian restaurants and cafes. Usually I dont mind some teh tarik and roti canai. But not today. I needed my comfort food like rice porridge, kaya toast, nasi lemak, meehon sup. Things like that.

I ended up having watered down laksa kari nearby the hotel. At least the coffee wasnt that bad.

Have I reached conclusions to my thinking? I think so. Needed to get the desired outcome met by today.


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