Be Still My Beating Heart

Turqoise carpet.

Definitely in the wish list.


9th Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, so far the Ramadhan has gone past for the past 9 days with no real hiccups except that George is down with a bad cold. Nasty!

A few thoughts run during these past few nights…..

  • My sleeping hours have gone somewhat haywire but hopefully it will neutralize in the next few days.
  • Preparing for iftar has been quite interesting. Since our working hours have shorten during the Ramadhan, it makes more sense for me to cook at home. So far I only go out to the Ramadhan bazaar near the house to buy sugarcane juice and some other items that I cannot prepare at home.
  • The weighing scale next to the bathroom is broken on most days but works each time the needle shows a lesser number.
  • I miss my abah during this fasting month. Makes me think of the upcoming Eidil Fitri.
  • I thank Allah for allowing me the comfort of home to break my fast with George and The Teenager, and not underneath some bridges.
  • I also thank Allah for allowing me to break fast with my George and The Teenager. Insyaallah I plan to do so in the longest time possible.
  • That I must up my practice with the quran reading again and prayers.
  • Met a friend recently who organizes charity drives for the poor and destitute in Kuantan. Hopefully I would be able to help via a class reunion this coming Saturday.

The 2nd Anniversary That Was

George and I were booked on a 3pm flight to KCH on that Friday. But plans changed at the last minute. Needed to do what I needed to do with a client. It was a tough decision as we had planned this trip for a long while.

And so we left for the East Coast, one of our favorite places to be. Instead of driving, we decided to take the coach instead for a change. Besides, Bessy-Bruce wasnt looking too well and so we thought she/he needed the rest. The ride went well and we arrived Kuantan around 6 pm-ish and the sky threatened to open up. It did and we scrambled to look for a cab to go to our hotel.

Now, this is the part where it makes me unhappy with the general taxi drivers in Malaysia. We boarded a non-metered taxi from the taxi stand and took the 5-minute ride to the hotel. RM15.00. We found out that regular ride in town before midnight was supposed to be RM10.00. Ok, so the extra RM5.00 was a sedekah? Self imposed tips?

The evening saw us walking towards Zul Satay, George’s absolute favourite satay place. Or should I say now used to be? The service was painfully slow and the satay wasnt marinated well as they should be. My order of the satay daging never came. I figured that it would be quicker if we had sit at the take-away area. This was the second time we had experienced slow service and decided to check out their Zul Satay Express located somewhere in town the next time.

We decided to walk (yes, walk…) to town and check out my friend’s makan place. Unfortunately, it was closed. There goes a grand plan of steak, pasta and jumbo juice for the evening. To get back to the hotel, we took a taxi and omg..we didnt realized how bad the condition of the taxi was until we boarded in. The taxi smelled of sweat. One side of the back passenger’s door was not functioning and so in case of emergency, I may see myself climbing to the front of the taxi and exiting from there. It was going slower than a snail and we feared that it might just collapse- body, chassis and all right there in the middle of Jalan Teluk Sisek. Is my home state authority going to check on all these facilities?

Anyways, things were looking up much better on the second day. We checked in to our sea facing resort on the second day. Enjoyed the warm waters of South China Sea, playing with the sand and figuring out why there were so many hermit crabs.

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Ramadhan is here again. Alhamdulillah. I was waiting for the arrival of this holy month since early of the year. Somehow, in my mind, with Ramadhan, I would be able to pray harder and hopefully He would grant my doa’s.

Unlike last year, the first day’s breaking of fast was just George and me at the Japanese restaurant. The Teenager was working on evening shift.

This Ramadhan will prove to be quite challenging also as I have just started building up my business again.