9th Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, so far the Ramadhan has gone past for the past 9 days with no real hiccups except that George is down with a bad cold. Nasty!

A few thoughts run during these past few nights…..

  • My sleeping hours have gone somewhat haywire but hopefully it will neutralize in the next few days.
  • Preparing for iftar has been quite interesting. Since our working hours have shorten during the Ramadhan, it makes more sense for me to cook at home. So far I only go out to the Ramadhan bazaar near the house to buy sugarcane juice and some other items that I cannot prepare at home.
  • The weighing scale next to the bathroom is broken on most days but works each time the needle shows a lesser number.
  • I miss my abah during this fasting month. Makes me think of the upcoming Eidil Fitri.
  • I thank Allah for allowing me the comfort of home to break my fast with George and The Teenager, and not underneath some bridges.
  • I also thank Allah for allowing me to break fast with my George and The Teenager. Insyaallah I plan to do so in the longest time possible.
  • That I must up my practice with the quran reading again and prayers.
  • Met a friend recently who organizes charity drives for the poor and destitute in Kuantan. Hopefully I would be able to help via a class reunion this coming Saturday.

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