Post Petknode Story

I have not blogged in a long while. Have been busy with work and family life, that there are hardly any suitable time to write. There are so many things to write about…and I think today I will start with something that George had written so beautifully on my FB wall.

He said, “So sad to see that some folks cannot agree to disagree without name-calling, back-biting, and denigrating the character and faith of their fellow Muslims. @Jamil Kucing: I don’t know you and we have never shared words, yet you render here judgment on me, my wife, and our faith. You are NOT Allah. Judgment of us ALL belongs to Him and Him ALONE. Remember His promise that every atom’s weight of good will be rewarded, and that every atom’s weight of wrongdoing will be punished…”

This was posted after a guy by the named of Jamil Kucing had put up a derogatory posting of my husband, my friend and myself.

In a way, I think he is a total sad case. But it seems that he has hurt so many people before and for far too long and this needs to be stopped.

This came about after I pointed out a fatwa on spaying and neutering for animals.

When the internet came about, everyone realized the possibilities of reaching out to the mass is endless. Then arrived the various social media platforms. Some people do not understand how to be responsible when using all these platforms. Each and every word you put out there comes with responsibilities. You cannot hide behind the virtual wall the cyber space has created.

What comes around goes around. The world is getting smaller with the existence of the internet. Kuala Lumpur is not big. And so does Bukit Bintang.

Each and everyone of us who is using any electronic multimedia platform cannot run away from the arms of the law.

Just saying.


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