Single Mothers’ Empowerment Program With Proton (June 18 & 19, 2011)

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I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to run an empowerment program for a group of about 50 single mothers recently. It was a very powerful initiative program by Proton for single mothers and it runs for 6 months. With a program tag line Persona- Better, Undoubtedly, Proton had selected three personalities to be the mentors for the single mothers.

Here is the link

On the said session, I was with Dj Lin of the Suria Cinta fame. A single mother herself, she was one of the mentors chosen.

I must say, I had fun!

My program was called “From A Single Mother….To Businesswoman” under the segment of Empowering Women With Micro-Business Skills. I talked about the need for single mothers to identify their skills, strengths, needs, wants in order to move on with their lives. I shared with them of my own experiences of getting out from the rut and to face the world again. How I woke up one morning and realized that I was down to my last sum of ringgit.

I introduced them the Happiness Index, a simple tool to reflect back on what were the good things in life, to identify the reasons of the pitfalls and how to hold on to that exact moment when we feel the best.

Here are some links on the program:

Link 1


Link 2

Something to read about on single mothers of Malaysia is here.







Boo! (?) hahaha...not quite sure why I had this expression....

At the end of the session, I have made new friends, imparted some good knowledge and experiences to my participants and told them that it is not impossible to find love again.

Your true love, your soul mate is outside there.

But, you must love and be true to yourself first. Then only you can move on and love again, wholeheartedly.

PROTON Edar Persona – Berita Harian – Ratu (Pg.22 & 23) – 28 July 2011


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