The Fiasco That Brought Strangers Together As Friends

Cat rescue @ Petknode

Joint press conference on Petknode Abuse Case @ Armada Hotel

Petknode Rescue Mission – Fosterer Batch 2

Kucing, our fostered boy. Giant furbabe.

Some of the cats caught in the drag net during the rescue mission.

More links on Petknode here.

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More pictures compiled from the internet can be found below.

A mommy cat with her dead kittens

The cats ate their first meal after ten days of hunger

Look at how skinny this furbabe is.

Annie, the one and only dog left at the pet hotel

A mommy cat and her kitten found dead.

Our family was not even sending any of our furbabes to Petknode but as animal lovers, we could not say no to taking in one of the furbabes who got caught in the drag net that night. The rescuers were out again after receiving news that a few domestic-looking cats were seen in the vicinity of  building where the pet hotel was located.

One of the lead rescuers called me up that night and at around 1 am that night, we drove to Damansara Damai with a voyager, packs of cat food, towels to pick up our foster boy, Kucing.

There were already a good few numbers of rescuers and volunteers at the appointed meeting place. Cages and carriers of various sizes were brought in by these good samaritans as there were shout outs in the FB group that the rescuers were running short of cages. George was standing in between the cages when one furry hand reached out to his shoes from one of the carriers, as if saying, “Hey, I am here. Take me home.”

We brought Kucing home that night. He was full of fleas, with dusty fur and looking hungry. After wiping his body with wet cloth, I examined his ears, mouth, nails and spraying Frontline to his fur. The rest of our furbabes were curious. Dexy was not happy as she kept on hissing at this new boy.

He ate some of the kibbles but not much.

The first night at home, The Teenager had him with her in the room. He kept on staring at the mirror, which was kinda creepy….

He disappeared the next morning by escaping through the door to his cage!  The Teenager and I were frantically looking for him in the back alley of the house in the wee hours of the morning. We finally found him sleeping at the back of one of the neighbours’ houses and promptly took him home.

For the next couple of days I was on a cat-watch and was a bit worried when he didnt show any signs of poo poo or pee. He ate well though.

On the third day, I thought of giving him laxapet when I spotted (OMG!) a poo box full of poo! That must have been the three day’s worth of poo and maybe some!

Everyone is trying to adjust to each other’s presence….

It has been close to 4 weeks since Kucing has been with us. He is only allowed to be out indoor with the doors and windows closed. He will sit near the glass door and look out as if longing to join the rest of his new friends out on the porch and in the garden.

Kucing is still adjusting to the household. No one has claimed him yet which is sad. But we also think there is a possibility that he might be a street cat and got caught in the drag net that rescuing night. He is not yet neutered and so the raging male hormone is playing tricks on him.

The KTAJ group  (Kumpulan Kucing Terbiar & Anjing Jalanan) has been active in promoting the savings of displaced animals. Compiled from a group of animal lover, they came up with a strongly facilitated discussion group and several initiatives. They have came up with a neutering program with the Klinik Kembiri SPCA/DBKL this coming weekend. Kucing will be one of the furbabes going.

The Petknode Fiasco has prompted so many highlights in the recent weeks. The latest is the review of the Animal Welfare Act of which anyone caught being cruel to animals will face a fine of up to RM100,000 and a jail term of not more than six months. This was announced by the Veterinary Services director-general Datuk Dr Abd Aziz Jamaluddin on the 6th September 2011.

It took a fiasco like this to realize that humanity is still alive and well. That strangers with a common belief and passion became friends.

This blog is dedicated to the administrators of KTAJ, rescuers, volunteers, fosterers, vets and allies of KTAJ who have worked hard and un-selfishly day and night to make sure that these cats (and a dog) are receiving the deserved attention they should and that their unheard voices are heard loud and clear by the humans.


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