Kucing Goes Snip Snip

Last Sunday I was out so early with Kucing. We went to the Klinik Kembiri DBKL/SPCA to have him snip snip. He was meowing since the night before. Most probably he was upset him being hungry.

We arrived quite early and waited for the centre manager, Mr Krishan and the vet, Dr Goh to arrive. I let the boy out from his carrier and allowed him to walk about in the car. There were birds chirping from the nearby bushes and trees. Kucing was intrigued and started to get excited.

He wanted to go out from the car.

Since the Petknode pet hotel fiasco, no one came out to claim Kucing as the rightful owner eventhough the KTAJ group had advertised a few times. I sometimes wonder who his mom and dad are. Fostering Kucing has been a real challenge. He is a robust and temperamental boy. Not quite friendly with the rest of the furbabes.

After discussion with George, we have agreed to adopt Kucing officially as we want him to be rehabilitated and to start introducing him slowly to the rest of the furbabes at home.

And so, on that Sunday we officially adopted Kucing by signing the adoption papers.

Before the procedure

After the procedure. Grogggggyyyyyyyy…….






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