Sometimes The Past Will Remind You Of How Good The Current Life Is

Yesterday morning, as we sat down to have our breakfast, George and I were chatting about some stories of the past. Some people of the past. And why sometimes these people come back to tease your present life.

I told him I have a theory. I told him of the story from Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett. She refused to marry the suitors who came to see her but instead was courting Robert Dudley (Joseph Fiennes). Elizabeth, after finding out that her lover was a married man, and also part of a conspiracy, had banished him from her life instead of executing him. She felt that by sparing Robert’s life, this will always remind her how fragile life can be, and how she refused to be ruled by a man but England and herself.

That’s what it is. Sometimes someone from your past comes back to remind you of how good the current life is.


Life’s Simple Bliss



  • a coffee with the hubby
  • dinner with the family
  • cooking for the family
  • surrounded by sleeping furbabes on the sofa while it rains outside
  • Baskin Robins
  • watching the sunset on the beach
  • sunbathing on a nice sunny day, on an empty beach
  • rice, sambal sardin and stinky beans
  • browsing in a book store, carpet shop, table ware and kitchen gadgets shop
  • CSI, NCIS, Law & Order
  • movie dates
  • hair wash
  • those drives with George over the weekend
  • mani/pedi with the Teenager
  • chilled Malta on a hot day

It’s Just One Of Those Days…..

……when I feel like leaving the hectic life of the city and enjoy the day in the sun.



…..when I feel like soaking my feet in the warm waters of the ocean


….when watching sunset followed a great seafood dinner sounds like a plan


It’s just one of those days………..

How To Live Before You Die (by Steve Jobs)

Steve Jobs has died.

He died just when the iconic iPhone 5 was launched over the same week. How ironic. I still cannot believe it.

Steven Paul Jobs, born in 1955 was the Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. He also founded Pixar Animation Studios. I remember watching Toy Story with The Teenager when she was a lot younger. We would lay down on the carpet and watched Woody and Buzz Lightyear and their owner, Andy.

I really like his speech that he made way back in 2005 in front of the graduates of the Stanford University. So inspiring and provides you with a reality check that you have options in your life.

Sometimes you really cannot explain why things happen as they come. It may take sometime for you to arrive at that “aha!” moment and understand why things happened. Call it karma, connecting the dots, fate. I call it God’s will and only He knows best.

Listen to Steeve Job’s speech here.

I Have A Dream….

I have a dream, where there will be a sanctuary for displaced animals – cats, dogs, fish, parrots, cows, goats and the likes. A sanctuary that thrives on what Mother Earth has provide – fertilised soil producing the yummiest vegetables, herbs and fruits which in return will provide the basis of all the food to the cafes and restaurants that we have conceptualized.

There will be acres of land for them to roam about. They can go exploring the little river that runs in the middle of the farm. There will be fishes and tiny river prawns swimming in the clear waters of the river. Now, if you sit quietly on the rocks by the river, you can hear the sound of the running water.

Not far from the river, there is a camping site and a few holiday units for animal lover friends to use.

In the afternoon when the weather is hot and breezy, the furbabes can seek for refuge in all the various shades available and snooze away for the day. Knowing that dinner will be served in the evening. Those in their golden years will have a place where they dont have to do much walking to enjoy the outdoor life. And the sick will be in the quarantined area and will receive plenty of dosages of love and medical care so that they could recuperate and re join their friends again.

The main house is a hunting lodge inspired. Warm cosy living room with an equally welcoming dining area. A full facilities modern kitchen and several bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.