How To Live Before You Die (by Steve Jobs)

Steve Jobs has died.

He died just when the iconic iPhone 5 was launched over the same week. How ironic. I still cannot believe it.

Steven Paul Jobs, born in 1955 was the Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. He also founded Pixar Animation Studios. I remember watching Toy Story with The Teenager when she was a lot younger. We would lay down on the carpet and watched Woody and Buzz Lightyear and their owner, Andy.

I really like his speech that he made way back in 2005 in front of the graduates of the Stanford University. So inspiring and provides you with a reality check that you have options in your life.

Sometimes you really cannot explain why things happen as they come. It may take sometime for you to arrive at that “aha!” moment and understand why things happened. Call it karma, connecting the dots, fate. I call it God’s will and only He knows best.

Listen to Steeve Job’s speech here.


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