Sometimes The Past Will Remind You Of How Good The Current Life Is

Yesterday morning, as we sat down to have our breakfast, George and I were chatting about some stories of the past. Some people of the past. And why sometimes these people come back to tease your present life.

I told him I have a theory. I told him of the story from Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett. She refused to marry the suitors who came to see her but instead was courting Robert Dudley (Joseph Fiennes). Elizabeth, after finding out that her lover was a married man, and also part of a conspiracy, had banished him from her life instead of executing him. She felt that by sparing Robert’s life, this will always remind her how fragile life can be, and how she refused to be ruled by a man but England and herself.

That’s what it is. Sometimes someone from your past comes back to remind you of how good the current life is.


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