Windmills Of Your Mind

I feel like escaping

Far, far away

From the crowd, the city, the madness

From here

Too much drama

Too much

Too much

Too much



Almost Wordless Friday

I parked the car at the usual place near the surau this morning and was grabbing my bags when I saw this beautiful kitty near the surau entrance.

I called her and she came running towards me. Her eyes sparkling with excitement and tail upright. Her steps were springy. Adorable!

She started to purr so loud. The purring got louder when I lifted her on to the back of the car and started to stroke her beautiful stripy coat. Looks like a someone’s kitty and wondered where was the mommy.

Aidil Adha 2011

Time flies.

The joy of celebrating Aidil Fitri has yet to end and yet, here comes Aidil Adha tomorrow. Where did the time go?

Farewell, My Julius

Julius Caesar has crossed the Rainbow Bridge after being sick for a while. The cold has taken a toll on his tiny body and he was showing signs of degeneration due to dehydration and virus when we took him to the vet. The weighing scale barely moved when he was weighted. Julius only weighted 0.46gram and he barely meow-ed when he was checked by the vet. He looked painfully skinny. A far cry from his previous active body. His brother, Marcus Antonius is 3/4 bigger than Julius.

Julius Caesar about a month ago.

Julius, photo dated 29 October 2011.

Julius, sleeping on my lap after his feeding. Photo dated 1 November 2011

Farewell, my dear baby Julius. Over the Kitty’s Rainbow Bridge, you are healthy and eating all the wet food that you like. You will be missed very much.

Abah, here’s another kitty for you to play with until the time we meet again, Insyaallah.