I Would Love You For A Thousand Years, And More

A Thousand Years

~ Christina Peri

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more.


I love you, dear Husband. Thank you for being mine;-)


Last Friday Of 2011 (Our East Meets West Lunch)

Today is the last Friday of 2011. Alhamdulillah, we have come this far. There are just so many things to do and with so much to share..this year has been quite a year for all of us.

I also would like to share the lunch menu for today. Remember the Big Plan for my petai?

Here it is. It comes in a form of sambal petai ikan bilis with tempoyak (anchovies sambal cooked with petai and fermented durian).


(Below) The home made tempoyak (fermented durian) which was the star ingredient of this sambal. My friend AL got a whole bunch of kampung durians and D24 from another friend in Bentong. This Bentong friend also happened to manage a no-kill sanctuary. The sanctuary is blessed with a few hundred acres of fruit orchard. So, at RM5/kilo, the durians were a steal.


Here is the rest of the lauk-pauk (dishes). The one on the furthest top left is sayur air pucuk labu (young shoots of pumpkins cooked in anchovies broth), to the right is salad of tomato and capsicum with French dressing (for George), below the salad is my sambal ikan bilis petai and tempoyak. Sitting deliciously on the next plate is masak kicap ikan tenggiri (mackerel cooked in sweet soya sauce). I have added a pinch of halba (fenugreek) and lots of sliced garlic and old ginger to add ummph! to this simple dish. A good sweet, thick soya sauce makes a lot of difference to lend the sauce that “finished” taste.

Not forgetting, George’s fried fillet of fish….

Ok, kiddos, time for dessert and coffee for hubby and me. ūüėČ


Short Get-Away To Cameron Highlands (Again)

Monsoon season.

East Coast? We LOVE the East Coast but the weather has been pretty unpredictable.

Penang? Again, the weather predictions have not been that favourable.

We were looking at using the good old passports for a quick escape outside of the country but looking at the airfare during this festive season….hmmmm….so not feasible.

And there is always Cameron Highlands.

Our dear Bessy-Bruce was not in a great shape to climb the mountainous road leading to Cameron-Highlands so we decided to hire a car for the drive. The drive from KL to Simpang Pulai was easy. We had a pit-stop as usual at the Tapah R&R for a quick snack and a purchase of the pickled guava to munch on the way up to Cameron Highlands.

From Simpang Pulai, I took over from George. The weather was nice, air cooling.

First order of the day upon arrival was to check in Strawberry Park Resort. The resort we picked this time was lovely. Big room with an equally big bathroom. Needed the slippers though to patter around as the weather was quite cool when we arrived.

Dins time came and we decided to check out the Indian restaurant in Tanah Rata that we have been eyeing since our first trip. The food was not disappointing. George had his roti and chicken tikka masala. I ordered the banana leaf rice with mutton curry on the side.

And then, off to pasar malam!




I love small apam balik like this. Owh yes, extra sugar and corn! Crunchy on the outside, warm, moist and sweet on the inside!

A trip to Cameron Highlands will not be complete if you had not tried the local offerings such as the scones, clotted cream and tea.

Like this…..

Did I say, tea and scones?

I had tea and nasi lemak instead!

Here is my RM3.50/pack nasi lemak bungkus. Let me tell you, it was worth it. The sambal was so sedaappppp!

I have never seen flowers on tea bushes before. Have you? Its scents resemble the scent of jasmine flowers. Pretty.

Or the fruit? Tiny bulbous fruits sprouting from the branches.

We had lunch at the Jim Thompson Tea Room. Awesome table service experience.

My Nicoise Salad with grilled warm tuna. You can taste the fresh, quality ingredients used. The aged balsamic vinegar was beautifully captured by the bed of fresh lettuce.

George’s awesome club sandwich.

Au revoir!

On the way down, we stopped by at the local side markets to buy fruits and vegetables. We also stopped by at one of the Orang Asli stalls to buy petai! Mmmmm….I have plans, big plans for the petai…

Keep a look out in my next post on what happened to the petai…..

Beautiful Dexy (2009-2011)

I really like to think that all of our furbabes who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge are looked over by my dad. It gives me that comforting thoughts that all are well.

In my mind, my dad has been a busy man. (btw for those who have just started following my blog, my dad happened to pass away 10 years ago). The reason being is that there are so many of our furbabes have left us due to sickness, missing or had gotten involved in hit and run incidents.

Dexy was born deformed with all of her four limbs twisted like an old oak tree ravaged by the winds and time. But her mom recognized a fighter in her tiny body. She left her be and kept on nourishing her with milk and love. She grew up just like any of her siblings. Her other siblings who grew to be giants compared to her size (they weights between 4kg-5kg each) of about 3kg only. The small size and her lack of properly formed limbs were compensated with her agility and her zest for life.

She ran just as fast as the rest of the furbabes. She climbed the staircase and cried outside of our bedroom, begging to come in. George will always remember her as the cat who took up the challenge to climb the dining table, thinking that she would not have his roast chicken.

Dexy and friends playing with catnip


The roast chicken story started when we all sat down for a roast chicken dinner. Dexy was sitting on the floor, trying to look pitiful and wanting the chicken. George had said to her that if she could manage to climb the dining table, she could have anything on his dinner plate.

In a split second, we saw this white bundle of fur scrambling up, climbing the chair and then sat next to his plate.

George had to give up his roast chicken to a cat that night.

She was with us for the past 2 and half years with no sickness whatsoever. Not until recently when she became a recluse and decided to spend her days on end in her favourite box. Dexy would only come out for food.

In the recent weeks, her condition deteriorated. She could not balance her body anymore and her limbs became more twisted than ever. Dexy had started to refuse her usual favourite kibbles and had to be forced fed.

Xrays showed that her limbs were not in place. She had no femur and the kneecaps had traveled to her hips. I was hoping to get her a special set of wheels so that she could walk and gain her¬†independence¬†again. I even got a reply from Thaiwheelchair asking of her info. Infact, Lyn’s friend, Alif had started putting together a pretty set of wheels for her. In pink, no less….

On 22 December 2011 as I was getting ready for a lunch meeting, I decided to take a peep of her. What I saw was this pitiful sight of Dexy. She was writhing in pain with her eyes staring so wide. Dexy had a seizure. I rushed her to the vet.

Damn! The road seemed so crowded with cars and they were driving so slow. Or  that was what I thought. The frantic drive seemed like an eternity eventhough it took a mere 15 minutes drive.

The next day she had another seizure that lasted for what I thought was about 40 minutes. Dr Kiew thought she was a goner but she held on. She kept on slipping in and out from her coma. There was one time when she came out from the seizure and I saw a glimpse of her baby blue eyes.

Christmas day came and went. In the morning of Boxing Day, I got a call from Dr Kiew telling me that she was no better than the day before. I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe that we should bring her home.

Less than half an hour after the first call, Dr Kiew called again to inform of the bad news.

She did came home. She came home wrapped in a linen and placed in a box.

Her limbs will no longer be deformed and she is no longer in pain. I like to think that God has created Dexy to show His powers that a deformed living thing like this carries such fighting spirits.

And now He took her away to be in a better place.

I know that I have learn a thing or two from Dexy. That you fight for this life. And fight well because this is the only life you ever have. Abah, Dexy loves her ears to be scratched and tummy rubs too. You will have your hands full with this one. But it is ok as she is not a selfish kitty. She loves to love back and that was what she did to us.

You will be missed, our beautiful girl.

Post script: Dexy never had the chance to try out her pink wheels. Our beautiful Dexy was buried in our garden underneath the shrubs and rambutan trees. Special thanks to Dr Kiew, Dr Ong and staff of Petfirst for ensuring Dexy’s last days to be as comfortable as possible.

Tis The Season To Be Jolly (The Three Of Us And A 4-KG Bird)

We decided that a roast turkey for lunch was in order to break the monotonous routine for our Sunday roast. And what better way than to order. And how convenient it was that Christmas means that you can call any reputable makan establishment and order for a cooked turkey complete with all the trimmings!

We ordered ours from one of the local hotels in PJ. At RM260+ a pop for a 4kg turkey, we knew it had better be a good bird.

Here’s the 4-kg bird complete with the trimmings – garden vegetables, turkey gravy and cranberry sauce. YUMMY!

Two 4-seasons portions of salads with two kinds of dressing – Italian for George and I, and Thousand Island for the girl.

The raw oysters was a nice touch to the lunch. The Teenager and George, unfortunately were not a big fan of raw oysters and so the whole entire dozen went to me.

The buns accompanied our lunch. I got out one of the De Lamerie pieces to complete the table setting. George got these pretty buns from one of the local bread shops in Bangsar. Gorgeous looking buns!

The chucked New Zealand oysters.

The turkey was lovely. But, by the time we finished off the lunch with freshly cut watermelon, I figured there was still some 3.5kg of meat left on the big bird.

Looks like now I need to look up for left over turkey recipes.

How The Heck Did You End Up Here?

(Hanie blogging from the comfort of an airconditioned room with Bach playing)


Because, by the look of things, YOU, my friend, have done some looking around.

Thanks to Mr Google, you guys have landed on my site by using the following key words….


Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-12-21 (Summarized)

2011-12-14 to Today

Search Views
cheese cake 8
condom 7
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paint roller 6
sad story about life 5
chili condom 4
4 post bed 4
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haniey razaif bohlender 3
mee goreng mamak 3
Ok, someone was looking for a cheesecake. Sorry babes, I dont bake that well. George bakes better than I do. The Teenager bakes cookies better than I do. Perhaps, Rexton or Zeus bake better too but then, I digress.
I am not an emotionally attached to sweet things. Hear that? Emotion? Emosi? Emoticon? Emo? hehe…
Ok…let’s see…now, moving on. How come you guys ended on my blog for condom?
Yeay! That’s the look of a happy Mr Rubber! Make sure you know where is the nearest 7 E, ok?
The 3rd search was my name. Someone was looking for me?
Sorry, I dont have any latest pixs to put up. But here is Uncle Kucing’s pix. I love this pix. We adopted Uncle Kucing who got into the drag net of the recent Petknode’s case. Boy…I really love this pix. Uncle Kucing…he looks as if he has no emotion in this pix. Emotionless, except for the tongue sticking out! ¬†So adorable albeit his EMOTIONless kitty face.
Funny blogs? Here? Ermm…well….it is a mixed-nuts blog, you see. Up. Down. Just like a human emotion….
(sorry cant find a suitable image to show emotion)
Paint Roller?
Owhhhhhhhhhhh! I know! I know! You must have landed on the blog about our impromptu trip to Pangkor with George!;-)
I hope you have enjoyed that entry.
Well, congrats! NOT!
My name is not Haniey.
No brownie points for you.

Of Tea And Scones

(Hanie blogging from a certain la di da cafe in Bangsar)

Each time I ordered the “afternoon tea” from this la di da cafe which has branches all over Malaysia, it reminds me of my experience with George of our recent trip to Cameron Highlands.

We had a very expensive dinner at this established place and yet didnt get the service that we deserve. Service sucks and food was mediocre. When we paid for the bills, the cashier suggested for us to come back for their afternoon tea comprizes of tea, scones and a selection of finger food. I took a peep at the price and shook my head.

No way I am going back there.

Now, coming back to this afternoon, for a reasonable price of RM19.90, you get to choose a variety of tea or coffee selection from its extensive menu. The finger food comes with 2 pieces of scones, 2 pieces of curry puffs and 1 piece of yummy chocolate cake. The scones of course come with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I usually order their chai latte which is not too sweet and just carry enough hint of spices to sooth my throat.

You see, it is all about perception. Price perception. We paid for a couple of hundred of Ringgit for a dinner that never was as delicious as it was advertised. The service was really bad. We had to wait for a good 30 minutes before we were shown the menu. And that was with a reservation at 7.30pm. Imagine getting the menu at 8.00 pm and then only shown to our table at 8.30pm.

The¬†Caesar¬†salad was mediocre to say the least. The bruschetta at RM12.00 per serving was only 2 slices of bread. And small. Two dinner buns. The roast beef George ordered was so so. My mixed grill was a let down. I think Suzy’s Corner in Ampang does a better job, and at a better price too. Ok, so the ambiance wasnt exactly “up there” but service at Suzy’s Corner is attentive. You get what you order and staff are smiling while serving you.

Need I say more?