Of Tea And Scones

(Hanie blogging from a certain la di da cafe in Bangsar)

Each time I ordered the “afternoon tea” from this la di da cafe which has branches all over Malaysia, it reminds me of my experience with George of our recent trip to Cameron Highlands.

We had a very expensive dinner at this established place and yet didnt get the service that we deserve. Service sucks and food was mediocre. When we paid for the bills, the cashier suggested for us to come back for their afternoon tea comprizes of tea, scones and a selection of finger food. I took a peep at the price and shook my head.

No way I am going back there.

Now, coming back to this afternoon, for a reasonable price of RM19.90, you get to choose a variety of tea or coffee selection from its extensive menu. The finger food comes with 2 pieces of scones, 2 pieces of curry puffs and 1 piece of yummy chocolate cake. The scones of course come with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I usually order their chai latte which is not too sweet and just carry enough hint of spices to sooth my throat.

You see, it is all about perception. Price perception. We paid for a couple of hundred of Ringgit for a dinner that never was as delicious as it was advertised. The service was really bad. We had to wait for a good 30 minutes before we were shown the menu. And that was with a reservation at 7.30pm. Imagine getting the menu at 8.00 pm and then only shown to our table at 8.30pm.

The Caesar salad was mediocre to say the least. The bruschetta at RM12.00 per serving was only 2 slices of bread. And small. Two dinner buns. The roast beef George ordered was so so. My mixed grill was a let down. I think Suzy’s Corner in Ampang does a better job, and at a better price too. Ok, so the ambiance wasnt exactly “up there” but service at Suzy’s Corner is attentive. You get what you order and staff are smiling while serving you.

Need I say more?



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