Tis The Season To Be Jolly (The Three Of Us And A 4-KG Bird)

We decided that a roast turkey for lunch was in order to break the monotonous routine for our Sunday roast. And what better way than to order. And how convenient it was that Christmas means that you can call any reputable makan establishment and order for a cooked turkey complete with all the trimmings!

We ordered ours from one of the local hotels in PJ. At RM260+ a pop for a 4kg turkey, we knew it had better be a good bird.

Here’s the 4-kg bird complete with the trimmings – garden vegetables, turkey gravy and cranberry sauce. YUMMY!

Two 4-seasons portions of salads with two kinds of dressing – Italian for George and I, and Thousand Island for the girl.

The raw oysters was a nice touch to the lunch. The Teenager and George, unfortunately were not a big fan of raw oysters and so the whole entire dozen went to me.

The buns accompanied our lunch. I got out one of the De Lamerie pieces to complete the table setting. George got these pretty buns from one of the local bread shops in Bangsar. Gorgeous looking buns!

The chucked New Zealand oysters.

The turkey was lovely. But, by the time we finished off the lunch with freshly cut watermelon, I figured there was still some 3.5kg of meat left on the big bird.

Looks like now I need to look up for left over turkey recipes.


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