Last Friday Of 2011 (Our East Meets West Lunch)

Today is the last Friday of 2011. Alhamdulillah, we have come this far. There are just so many things to do and with so much to share..this year has been quite a year for all of us.

I also would like to share the lunch menu for today. Remember the Big Plan for my petai?

Here it is. It comes in a form of sambal petai ikan bilis with tempoyak (anchovies sambal cooked with petai and fermented durian).


(Below) The home made tempoyak (fermented durian) which was the star ingredient of this sambal. My friend AL got a whole bunch of kampung durians and D24 from another friend in Bentong. This Bentong friend also happened to manage a no-kill sanctuary. The sanctuary is blessed with a few hundred acres of fruit orchard. So, at RM5/kilo, the durians were a steal.


Here is the rest of the lauk-pauk (dishes). The one on the furthest top left is sayur air pucuk labu (young shoots of pumpkins cooked in anchovies broth), to the right is salad of tomato and capsicum with French dressing (for George), below the salad is my sambal ikan bilis petai and tempoyak. Sitting deliciously on the next plate is masak kicap ikan tenggiri (mackerel cooked in sweet soya sauce). I have added a pinch of halba (fenugreek) and lots of sliced garlic and old ginger to add ummph! to this simple dish. A good sweet, thick soya sauce makes a lot of difference to lend the sauce that “finished” taste.

Not forgetting, George’s fried fillet of fish….

Ok, kiddos, time for dessert and coffee for hubby and me. 😉



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