Short Get-Away To Cameron Highlands (Again)

Monsoon season.

East Coast? We LOVE the East Coast but the weather has been pretty unpredictable.

Penang? Again, the weather predictions have not been that favourable.

We were looking at using the good old passports for a quick escape outside of the country but looking at the airfare during this festive season….hmmmm….so not feasible.

And there is always Cameron Highlands.

Our dear Bessy-Bruce was not in a great shape to climb the mountainous road leading to Cameron-Highlands so we decided to hire a car for the drive. The drive from KL to Simpang Pulai was easy. We had a pit-stop as usual at the Tapah R&R for a quick snack and a purchase of the pickled guava to munch on the way up to Cameron Highlands.

From Simpang Pulai, I took over from George. The weather was nice, air cooling.

First order of the day upon arrival was to check in Strawberry Park Resort. The resort we picked this time was lovely. Big room with an equally big bathroom. Needed the slippers though to patter around as the weather was quite cool when we arrived.

Dins time came and we decided to check out the Indian restaurant in Tanah Rata that we have been eyeing since our first trip. The food was not disappointing. George had his roti and chicken tikka masala. I ordered the banana leaf rice with mutton curry on the side.

And then, off to pasar malam!




I love small apam balik like this. Owh yes, extra sugar and corn! Crunchy on the outside, warm, moist and sweet on the inside!

A trip to Cameron Highlands will not be complete if you had not tried the local offerings such as the scones, clotted cream and tea.

Like this…..

Did I say, tea and scones?

I had tea and nasi lemak instead!

Here is my RM3.50/pack nasi lemak bungkus. Let me tell you, it was worth it. The sambal was so sedaappppp!

I have never seen flowers on tea bushes before. Have you? Its scents resemble the scent of jasmine flowers. Pretty.

Or the fruit? Tiny bulbous fruits sprouting from the branches.

We had lunch at the Jim Thompson Tea Room. Awesome table service experience.

My Nicoise Salad with grilled warm tuna. You can taste the fresh, quality ingredients used. The aged balsamic vinegar was beautifully captured by the bed of fresh lettuce.

George’s awesome club sandwich.

Au revoir!

On the way down, we stopped by at the local side markets to buy fruits and vegetables. We also stopped by at one of the Orang Asli stalls to buy petai! Mmmmm….I have plans, big plans for the petai…

Keep a look out in my next post on what happened to the petai…..


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