What I Did In December 2011

December saw me dedicating this entire month for the furbabies’ causes as well as the stray and abandoned cats fund raising activities. The kiddies at home have been in good health albeit the few ones who have runny nose.

To end the month of December 2011, together with the rest of friends who are in SCRATCH, we organized a tie-up for a fund raising event with Rantai. Art @ Urban Village Bangsar (16-18 December 2011). The event had started with a photo contest that ran for a couple of weeks that saw an impressive number of participation from SCRATCH equally impressive 17,000 community members.

Awesome crowd, awesome responses and equally awesome turn out!

Right in the midst of preparation…hehehe…

Some of the submitted photos for the contest. Cutie pies!

One of the resident kitties.


This is Sopheea, the winner of the stray and abandoned cats’ photo contest. Her mommies (her owners are twin sisters) found her at the pasar malam (night market) in Temerloh, Pahang about 2 years ago, all dirty and infested with fleas. She was rummaging for food at the garbage bins.

Just look at her now! Such beautiful furbaby!

Me at the Scratch space @ Rantai. Art. We had wonderful sponsors for our event.

Welcoming the participants, family, friends and Rantai Art’s crowd.

The cool venue.


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