Meet The Newest Member Of The Family

Meet Jane, everyone.

Profile of Jane

Name: for the moment, it is Jane, a name given by her rescuer, Meileng.

Age: about one month old, or thereabout.

Location found: Tiny, weenie bundle of an adorable furbaby, Jane was found by a rescuer at the carpark of her condo.

Likes: food, plenty of wet kitten food! Tummy scratch, milk.

Jane: Mama?

Mama: Yes darling

Jane: This is so comfortable

Mama: Yes, dear we are going to make sure you are comfortable.

Jane: Mama?

Mama: Yes love?

Jane: More milk? Please?

Mama: But dear, you just finished off your food and half a bottle of milk.

Jane: Mama?

Mama: Yeeeeessssss….?

Jane: Ooopppsss….I did the alphabet thingy on you….sowwy…..

Mama: Errrk! My pants!

Jane: Do I look cute, mama?

Mama: Yes, love…saaaaayang mama…make sure no more doing alphabet on my pants, ok?

Jane: Ok…I am going to play here, on the sofa…

Jane: Mama?

Mama: Yeessss…?

Jane: Oooopppsss….sowwy…..

Post script: I had to wash the heavy sofa cover at 1 am….and the Razaif-Bohlender family has officially adopted little Jane as of 3 January 2011. 


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