Satria aka Blackie aka (tba)

We do stuff for our furbabes.

I would wake up from slumber a few times at night just to feed that wee furbaby its milk. I fret over his blocked nose. There is no where safe at home from the fur of these babies. Food takes up most of the cost from everything else. My head spins each time I look at the vet bill. For instance, Bubble’s vet bill was about RM800.00 when she came down with something that resembled poisoning.

SPCA-DBKL Klinik Kembiri’s low cost neutering/spaying is a God-send too. Helps a lot if you have a bunch like ours and also when you send in rescues.

But I am digressing.

I wanted to talk about what we did last early December 2011 in that cold, dark night. We saved a kitten. With a dramatic background story of having to persuade a call-man to open up his car hood, I recall with fondness the happiness I felt when we pulled this tiny, black, helpless thing out.

Here is the story of Satria aka Blackie. FYI, the name of this little fella is a like a work-in-progress.

One night, George and I came out from Giant Kota Damansara and as we turned the gentle corner to the main road, I saw a glimpse of this tiny black thing who was about to cross the busy road.

I mean, this is the main road of Kota Damansara; a 4-lane main road with fast cars and big buses. And a tiny kitten wants to cross the road?

Even I would think twice about doing so.

I immediately stopped the car with a hope that George would open up his side of the door, grab kitty and we all could drive home. Not so simple. George did opened up his side of the door, tried to grab kitty but tiny kitty decided to make a u-turn and proceeded to run into a tiny water culvert by the side of the road.

After parking the car to the side, we waited by that tiny hole. I tried to fish him out by opening up a packet of wet food and placing it nearby. We waited some more.

And waited.

Looked like he was not coming out and it was beginning to get really late. And so with heavy heart, we decided to go home first and send the groceries before driving out again to wait for this little guy.

Around 1.00 am, The Teenager, her friend Aliff and myself drove out again. It was drizzling and when we drove past the corner I had this sick notion that I would see an ex-tiny kitty on the road.

I parked the car just a little away from this black Satria. Came out and started looking around. No sign of a kitten. Then, there it was. Tiny meows. From the parked Satria.

OH! NO! The last thing we wanted was a tiny kitty in someone’s engine!

People say you get what you fear.

Kitty was in the engine compartment. Oh, how did I know? I asked the guy who happened to be a call-man, who happened to be sleeping off what looked like an alcohol-induced sleep, to pop up his car hood.

After probing, kitty-calling and ensuring that our Mr Call-Man here did not start the engine after waking up from his sleep, and all of this the night was drizzling heavily, cars and buses wheezed us by, and curious people stopping, God, it was close to 3.00 am that this little guy was finally dragged out.

That was a month ago. Cant see his eyes? Ok, neither could we.

Here he is now.

One pampered tiny kitty.


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