Fund Raising Event @ The Pet Project Malaysia 2011

It was fun! Fun! Fun-filled day! Most of the colleagues from Scratchers came out in support of the recent The Pet Project Malaysia (TPPM).

Prep time in the morning.

Nestle vans came fully loaded with Maggie instant noodle in cups and also cereals in cups!

And check this out.

THE MILO VAN! I often ask why does the Milo served from these trucks seems to taste better….yummier…mmmmmmmm….and the cups are wayyyy too tiny to quench your thirst. You need a few cups.

Those Milo boys who were mixing the drinks on that day got a short interview session from me on the proper mixing of this drink. The recipe sounds like this…..a liter of this goes with a packet of that, make sure the milk is this much…and the ice cubes need to be this much to make that much of a perfect drink.

Ok, so much of memorizing The Perfect Milo Recipe…hehehe…

On-site live updates.

Those kitties were for adoption.

With a potential adopter. The furbaby I was holding was a special kitty. All of of his teeth are gone except for one lower canine, and his left eye is blind. Adorable and loving. He was eventually adopted by a good Samaritan who had to go through SCRATCH’s interview session and filled a registration form as an adopter.

Dance workshop. I tell you, even after a 10-minute routine, you gotta see those fat was burning like crazy and found the muscles that you have lost. Awesome routine!

Doga (dog+yoga). Cutie-pie Pumpkin (the dog) was most accommodating.

Proudly displaying the group’s Top Rescue Group Award Of The Year, 2011 – an honor indeed.  The award was from SPCA for the group’s recognition in the efforts done for the Petknode rescue case.

Some of the SCRATCHers. (credit to mamabetty)


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